Self Improvement

At the start of every semester, I get really ambitious. I start thinking of all of the ways I will stay super organized and on top of my game. I write to do lists and make fun charts (See example A.). However, it usually gets to the third week of school for me to start falling apart. I generally stay on top of things that are due, but my to do lists fall apart and I forget to check my planner when I’m, you know.. planning things.

Example A. My binders for this semester. Color coded.

So I thought, maybe, just maybe, if I put down my goals in a public forum, I will be required to have some accountability. Even if it is just feeling incredibly guilty for letting all of you down in failing to go work out that one morning when I’m just so sleepy.

So.. ta da! My life list:

Short Term Goal One: 4.0 GPA
Of course, this is always my main goal, and about half way through the semester, I have to decide if I’m going to commit fully to a course or if I’m just going to pray for the best and hang out with my friends instead. In the past, friends always win. (I love you guys!) However, this semester, my classes don’t seem too difficult AND I have a totally bad ass job that lets me do things like homework (and blog posts) in my spare time. So fingers crossed that this gets done.

Short Term Goal Two: Be Healthy!
Ok, I’ll admit it. I am really REALLY bad at this one. I generally despise vegetables and my body hates exercise. But, I’ve been feeling my age. And when you are 24, feeling old is NOT a good sign. So, I resolve to eat better (which isn’t a stretch considering marshmallows and frozen pizza are main staples of my diet), cut out the Coke (eventually.. it will taking some weaning.), and exercise at least 3 times a week (hey, I’m being realistic here.). To go along with this, I’ll have to cut vending machine food out of my diet too… It’s just so tempting to get that candy bar when you’re on campus for 9 hours a day.
Short Term Goal Three: Clean Living
It’s so easy to come home at 9 pm and crash. Let’s face it. No one likes cleaning. And if you do, well you are more than welcome to take my portion of it so I can, you know… live life or something. But, I’ve also noticed that when my apartment is a mess, my life is a mess. So my third resolution is to keep my apartment, car, and workspace clean and tidy. I’m moving in a couple of weeks (YAY!), so I’ll be able to declutter and reorganize everything to make it efficient and easy to keep up.

Now those goals are lifestyle changes that I can make now that will hopefully impact my future success. I do have a couple of (fun!) long term goals that I would like to achieve within the upcoming years. Because I am an academic person (nerd.), I love learning new things, and I’ve quickly come to realize that some of our most valuable learning doesn’t occur in the classroom, but rather, what we go out and find on our own. Here are a few of my goals!

Long Term Goal One: Get a Ph.D.
Not only are the caps and gowns really cool looking, but it’s also really cool to be a Dr. Although I’m not a hundred percent sure what I would like to get my Ph.D. in, I’m know that I one day want to add this to my list of accomplishments.
Long Term Goal Two: Learn Spanish
This kind of goes with Long Term Goal One. Most of the doctoral programs that I have been researching require applicants to be proficient in a second language. Plus, I kind of feel lame that 50% of the world is bilingual and I’ve only mastered one language. Luckily, my lovely cousin Stephanie is fluent in Spanish and can teach me everything she knows! (Um, right Steph? You could do that for me, your favorite cousin?)
Long Term Goal Three: Learn to Sew
Sewing is like.. the first job women in America had. But somehow along the way, I missed out on a core woman skill… sewing a button. Sigh. Thanks to my grandmother, I do know how to cross stitch, but, thanks to Pinterest, I would really like to learn to do handy things like hem pants, as well as fun things like sew pillows. Luckily, when Steph needs a break from teaching me Spanish, she can help me learn how to use her sewing machine! (Right, Steph? Who needs grad school anyway?)
Long Term Goal Four: Learn Techy Things
This is, by far, my most ambitious. More ambitious than learning Spanish? Yes. More ambitious than a Ph.D.? Quite possibly. One day, I would love to understand computers. I would like to know how to fix something if it breaks without having to call the tech guy every 5 minutes, and I would love to know HTML to design a website (or fancy blog!). Sadly, this one will probably get put on the backburner for a while until after I’m finished with grad school. MBA has enough math and numbers for me to deal with.
(As I was writing this whole thing, I ate a salad! One step closer to achieving my goals!)

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