Creating Life Learners

Today, two of my students came by to my office on campus. It was such an awesome surprise to see them here at UL, enjoying college and being successful students. I was a teacher for one year, and I only had 120 students, but I still think of those kids almost daily. So many of them came to UL (because I was an awesome recruiter, apparently) and every time I’m walking on campus, I’m on the lookout for them. While I still have conflicted feelings about the teaching profession and what the future of the profession is, I know without a doubt that I touched those kids lives and they have touched my life. I learned so much from that one year of being a teacher, and I learned so much from (hopefully) helping each one of those teenagers take one step closer to becoming an adult.

When those two girls were leaving, they called me Ms. A, and it made my heart smile. šŸ™‚

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