November Wrap-Up

It’s the end of November, y’all! Happy Thanksgiving (and Black Friday)! I hope you ate until your pants busted and found new super cute pants at 90% off. I can’t believe 2013 is wrapping up so quickly, but I am more than ready for the presents, family fun, and (most of all) end of the semester!

November in One Word: Schoolwork.

My Favorite Memories in November 2013:

  • Ernst and Young Promotion Party
  • Kay’s birthday party on a beautiful afternoon!
  • Having Jeromy working in town for two weeks (and eating at Blue Dog Cafe 5 times in those two weeks!)
  • Going watch So You Think You Can Dance in New Orleans with Simone and MEETING FIK-SHUN!
  • Thanksgiving with the families

Books I Read this Month

    Favorite Posts from the Month:

    • “Forgetting, Remembering, & the Holidays” – A Practical Wedding – The holidays are awesome, but the holidays are STRESSFUL. Juggling family time is never easy, and often, someone’s feelings get hurt. By the end of the holidays, we are exhausted and stressed, and that’s not what the holidays are supposed to be about! This article does a great job of reminding you to remember what’s important for the holidays.
    • “Histagrams: What History Would Look Like On Instagram” – Bored Panda – I saw this post and laughed out loud! (Mom, you’ll love this one!) The captions are especially awesome.
    • “26 Abortion Stories” – NY Magazine – This article stuck with me more than anything else I’ve read in a long time. I found it particularly impressive, since the article does not take a pro-choice or pro-life stand. Rather, it just documents accounts told directly by women who had abortions. Not something I’d recommend for everyone to read, but it really stuck with me in a profound way.
    • “Why I Turned Down an Offer for my Dream Job” – Cordelia Calls It Quits – This is written by a woman who quit her 9-5 job in order to start running her blog full time and do freelance work. She’s been working for herself for three years, and in this article, she writes about an experience she had when her “dream job” was offered to her. My favorite line from this article is “Quitting Something Doesn’t Mean It’s Bad”. I love that.

    Songs that were Popular on my iPod:

    New Obsessions

    • The Billfold – I know I mentioned this one last month, but I’ve been reading and rereading. If you want to know about anything related to money, or if you just need support with setting a budget and sticking to that budget, or if you just want to stop feeling alone in debt/brokeness, this is the site for you.
    • How I Met Your Mother – Seriously guys, I have become obsessed with this show. I mean, I’m sure it has nothing to do with my addiction to Netflix, my busyness with school, or the fact that it has 8 seasons so far…. But this has been my go-to activity all month. Bowl of popcorn, coke, and Barney Stinson, for the win.
    • APW – A Practical Wedding – So I may not be engaged, BUT this website is AWESOME. It takes a feminist view on weddings and life, and it has amazing posts about everything from love to Thanksgiving dinner. It features real world weddings and also has blog posts that center around different themes each month (December’s theme is Celebrations.) Seriously. Awesome.
    • Chocolate – I keep a candy jar in my office (I am my mother’s daughter, after all), and with so many hours spent in this tiny prison of a room, I’ve eaten way too many bags of chocolate. I won’t say how many, because it’s that embarrassing. Sadly, I can’t see this trend improving with Christmas upcoming.

    3 Things I’m Sad to See Go with November

    • No Shave November. I mean really, why does it ever have to end? I know this girl has liked seeing all the wonderful beards out and about.
    • Fall weather. Let’s be honest. Louisiana has approximately three days of fall weather. But this cold snap has me missing those three beautiful days of fall.
    • My money. Ya’ll, Christmas has me broke already. I just love spoiling all of my friends and family!

    3 Things I’m Looking Forward to in December

    • Christmas, for obviously obvious reasons.
    • Having a few weeks off of work and school to blissfully explore New Orleans and/or be lazy with my kittens
    • Book Club Christmas party, because we are wild and crazy! (Ahem.)

    Favorite Quote from a Book I Read this Month

    Caring too much for objects can destroy you. Only—if you care for a thing enough, it takes on a life of its own, doesn’t it? And isn’t the whole point of things—beautiful things—that they connect you to some larger beauty?
    – The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

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