Gift Guides: Book Nerds

Whew. One holiday down, just a few more to go.

If you are anything like me, you’re having trouble moving today, and your pants fit just a little tighter. I’m not complaining. This Cyber Monday has afforded me the opportunity to really outline my gift giving plans. I’ve already started buying presents, of course, but somehow, they’ve all ended up being books. It’s easier to justify being in Barnes and Noble for 4 hours if it leads you to check someone off of the Christmas list!

I put together a few gift ideas for the random book lovers in your life that are stumping your Christmas list!

The Book Nerd


Ah, Etsy. I got lost on this glorious website for hours, but managed to check a few people off the list in the process. One thing I stumbled across was this awesome set of bookends (top left). I love the wooden letters! Also from Etsy is that beautiful locket inspired by Shakespeare, and containing a quote within the locket (bottom center).

For you more adventurous folks, I found this crazy awesome perfume that smells like old paperbacks (top center). *Disclaimer: I have not actually smelled this perfume, but if it smells anything like old bookstores, count me in.*

For the less adventurous, books and bookmarks are always safe bets. Every book lover appreciates when someone picks out a book for them to read or a book that will look pretty on their shelves! My absolute favorites are the collectible classics from Barnes and Noble (bottom left). Gold-rimmed pages, beautiful hardback covers… Sigh. I have 5 or 6 already, but I am dying for more! Also, this beautiful edition of Shakespeare’s love sonnets is a great addition to any bookshelf (top right).

Finally, bookmarks are great stocking stuffers or additions to bows on the tops of presents. If you are looking for an awesome bookmark, look no further. Book Darts are small little bookmarks that mark the pages and the spot where you stopped reading (bottom right). They look so cool!

And, of course, when all else fails, a Barnes and Noble gift card also works wonderfully.

Happy shopping!

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