Gift Guides: College Students

College students are notoriously hard to buy for. We can barely afford to survive, much less enjoy ourselves. When my mom asked me for a Christmas wish list, it involved things like DustBusters and new pillows.

I put together a list for all of you out there who need help figuring out what to get a 20-something who wishes they had it all, but can barely afford to eat.

 Broke College Students

The first group of presents is all technology based, and I have to admit, these are pretty nerdy. Last week, when I was giving a presentation in accounting, one of my group members had a wireless presenter clicker and I completely nerded out. There’s something about this guy that makes you seem like more of a professional/badass.
Of course, when you are working on a presentation in the library, it really, really sucks to get stuck without battery life on your electronic devices. That’s why I love this 2-in-1 surge protector/charger. It has 3 outlets to plug in normal things like laptops, but it also has USB ports to charge phones and e-readers.
Speaking of USBs, it is nearly impossible to make it through college without a flash drive. And, if you’re like me, it’s also impossible to make it through a semester without losing said flash drive. I’m loving the creative options, and I feel like if I had a cute flash drive like this wine cork one, I’d be a lot less prone to lose it.
Now, we students are on the go. A lot. And if you don’t want to let that $1,300 MacBook Pro get damaged, it’s important to have a good sleeve to put it in when transporting from home to class. I love the look of this laptop sleeve by RickShaw Bags. It’s stylish and professional, so it can be used after we’ve grown up and graduated from college. They also have really cool iPad sleeves and other fun things!
Finally, when all is said and done, we can’t take iPads to a job interview (yet!). That’s where this personalized leather portfolio comes in! It looks professional, sleek, and can be used when we are out there pounding the pavement for jobs.

Now, getting into the funner side of things. All-nighters. Juuuust kidding. Nothing is fun about finals week, but when us college students need to stay up all night, we turn to our old friend, coffee. I’m not a coffee drinker myself, but some nights, I really wish I was. That’s why my first suggestion for the more adventurous college student is a coffee club subscription. Each month, they will ship your college student a new brew. To go right along with that coffee subscription would be a great Tervis tumbler to keep the coffee warm! I love these tumblers, and they have such a huge selection of designs, there’s really one for everyone. (My parents got Jeromy this Saints one for his birthday and it’s all he uses!)

Now, when we are not cramming in the library, us 20-somethings love to distract ourselves from homework tests life. This super awesome water bottle is a great present for people who like to hit the gym when they aren’t in school. Another awesome suggestion is a gym membership to go with this snazzy water bottle!

For the less motivated, Netflix is a wonderful option. Seriously, I have no idea how I would have kept my sanity this semester without the eight seasons of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix Instant Streaming to keep me going. While most students have a subscription to Netflix, if you are looking for something easy to help them out, a gift certificate will certainly take the load off of them for a few months.

Finally, we are in the prime of our lives (or, so they tell me). This One-Line-A-Day journal from Urban Outfitters is a great way for students to document the great times they have had, even if they have a hectic, busy schedule.

When in doubt, school supplies are always a necessity!  One of the best Christmas presents I’ve ever received came from my nanny. I was going into my semester of student teaching, and she gave me a printer box filled to the brim with ink pens, highlighters, notepads, and organizational things. I still pull supplies from that box when I start running low!

Also, this super cute planner by May Designs is something I’m raving about! It’s simple and streamlined, because I am NOT good at keeping up with a planner. They have so many adorable options, and it is personalized! (I’m alllllll about the personalization.) It was definitely at the top of my Christmas list this year.

And, finally, money and alcohol are ALWAYS appreciated by any broke college student. (Points for creativity!)

Hope this helps, and happy shopping! 🙂

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