Gift Guides: The Boys

I don’t know about you, but the guys on my Christmas list are the hardest to shop for! My dad buys everything he thinks about wanting, my brother loves expensive gadgets, and Jer is so straightforward with his Christmas wish list that it’s hard for me to surprise him with anything.

So, for you, I’m cataloging the gifts for men who are young or young at heart!

The Working Man

Jeromy travels. A lot. What I’ve learned since he started his job is that for a man on the go, there are a few essentials that can make life easier. (Yes, I would definitely include those whiskey stones in helping make life easier!) For a man that travels, it’s important to show up to meetings looking well-polished and unwrinkled. That’s where the personalized travel kit and the garment bag come in. These two things help a man get his necessities from one place to another in style. The personalized travel kit looks pretty awesome, is made of real leather, and is personalized (if you’ve been following my gift guides, I’m pretty big on the personalized stuff). This garment bag is from WallyBags and looks super sleek and professional, plus will keep shirts and pants from wrinkling.
When he gets to work, it’s important to have all of those files and papers and other mysterious work-related things nice and neat. I’ve been obsessed with looking at these work bags on Etsy. They are all genuine leather and much cheaper than things you will find at places like Wilson’s Leather. To go in that work bag, an extra phone charger is pretty important. (You can find much cheaper ones on Amazon, but I haven’t found an Amazon site that I trust to sell me electronics so ask around and check the reviews before you purchase!)
And finally, because every man loves his toys, I came across an awesome website that basically takes people’s ideas for inventions and turns them into reality. This nifty little device named the Nimbus syncs with your smartphone and shows you any information you are interested in, such as normal things like the time and the weather, but also super cool things like emails and tweets! I’m a little obsessed/amazed by it.

The Boy at Heart

On the opposite side of my Christmas list is my dad, who is retired, and my brother, who is in college. They have a crazy sense of humor and love wacky gifts (like these bacon flavored candy canes for instance). And they are obsessed with gadgets.  For my brother’s birthday, his godfather got him this knife (top left), which is slim like a credit card and unfolds into a knife. I can’t even make that up. Look at that link and tell me it’s not the coolest thing ever.

Of course, Jeromy (being the best gift giver in the world.. according to him), went all out for Father’s day and found these trick golf balls at Amazon. We had a blast hitting them and watching them explode or dissolve into a puddle, and, of course, dad saved some to use with his golf buddies.

For the more political minded boys,  political humor has become a popular topic to write about. Stephan Colbert has written some awesomely hilarious books that are hilariously irreverent (and one of them is even in 3D!).

Finally, of course, men and their football. You can never go wrong with a NFL jersey from your man’s favorite team. (Who dat!) That pairs so well with a Beer of the Month Club if your man is into trying new and exotic microbrews!

If all else fails, I find that gift cards to Academy or another favorite store works wonderfully. Don’t forget to be creative in your gift card giving!

Happy shopping, y’all!

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