Pecan Pie Presents

I am currently working as a Graduate Assistant in our marketing and hospitality department on campus, and with finals week finally descending upon us, I decided to do something nice for the teachers I work with. Let’s face it. We students NEED teachers to be in a good mood when they are grading our finals, right? However, on my very limited budget, I obviously couldn’t buy a present for each professor. That’s when I turn to food.

Ever since I was a child, Christmas meant making candy with my grandmother. Every year, we would turn on the hot plate, melt down the chocolate, and dunk everything in that sweet deliciousness. As an adult, my skills have moved past just dunking pretzels in chocolate (although those are still some of my favorites!), and I decided to make little pecan pies for each professor.

My pecan pie recipe goes back generations… I mean, we get it straight from the Karo bottle, but that recipe has been on the Karo bottle for a long time, right? Seriously, these things are so easy to make. The only trick is that when you make the smaller pies instead of one or two big pies, you cut the required time in half.  

To let the filling set, you need to let them sit for a bit before scarfing down all of them trying one out. After they were cool, I wrapped them in saran wrap to keep them fresh longer. Aren’t they so cute??

Finally, I got some tissue paper that I had lying around the house and wrapped each pie up with a little ribbon. I attached a card to say happy holidays and happy finals week, then distributed them to the professors. They were a hit!

So easy to make, so easy to make in bulk, and everyone loves pecan pie. Gift win!

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