2014: Pursue Greatness

Happy New Year, y’all!

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a starter. I love to start new projects. I get a thrill out of planning (and shopping for) new projects. However, I’m not always so good at following through with those projects. December was a book phase, where I started 5 (FIVE!!!) new books that I did not finish. (I know, shameful!) There was also the running phase, the scrapbooking phase, and the to-do list phase (that was a manic one, for sure..).

Obviously, I’m also not very good at keeping resolutions for the new year.

In fact, I had gotten to the point that I had given up making New Years resolutions and just focused on winging it. But I love new beginnings, and, this year especially, I’m hoping to work on myself and get myself ready to enter the workforce full time when I graduate in December. Yikes.

I have been thinking about my resolutions intensely for the past few weeks, but I couldn’t come up with a way to set it up that satisfied my OCD/love of categorizing things. Then I stumbled across this article on A Practical Wedding, where Rachel Wilkerson describe that she has a simple method for making resolutions and sticking to them. She assigns a verb to the year.

It makes sense that I would love this idea so much. VERBS! I love verbs.

So I decided that my verb of 2014 would be PERSUE.

Persuing a healthier lifestyle.
Pursuing a meaningful career.
Pursuing healthy friendships.
Pursuing better money habits.

Pursue is a great verb, because it doesn’t allow me to ever stop. There’s no goal to reach. There’s no finish line that says I can stop being healthy, making friends, going after my dreams. I hope to be continuously working on this resolution throughout the whole year, not because I don’t think I’ll accomplish these things, but because I want to constantly push myself to be a better person.

2014 is here, and I finally feel ready to face the new year head on!

EDIT: I wrote this post a few days ago, in anticipation of the busy New Years Eve and New Years Day I had on the books. Yesterday, I stumbled across this website via Twitter. It’s a whole community dedicated to this one word idea. (I still think verbs are the best.) Check it out! Sign up! See other people who are PURSUING the same goals you are! (wink wink) And let me know what word you are picking!

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