New Year’s Resolution Update — Persue a Healthy Lifestyle

It’s January 28th… How are you doing on your New Year’s Resolutions? Oh? Those things? Yea.

I’ve found that with my verb choice for my New Year’s resolution, it’s been pretty easy to keep up with it. I don’t feel pressure to EXERCISE or EAT RIGHT or DON’T SPEND MONEY. It’s more about pursuing the lifestyle I want to have, both now and in the future.

One of my top priorities is Pursuing a Better Lifestyle. What does that include? Eating right (or at least limiting my pizza intake to once a week…) and exercising. Let’s break this down.

Eating right has ALWAYS bee a challenge for me. Ever since I was a little girl, I was a picky eater. As in, my parents bought placemats that said EAT on them. I would sit at the table for hours, dividing up my food and making compromises with myself about how to make myself eat that stew or spaghetti. (Ironically, 2 of the dishes I cook the most now.) I never ate vegetables, and my 3 major food groups were fast food, chocolate, and cheese. And then there is that Coca-Cola addiction…

I’ve worked hard over the past few years to cook more and eat less fast food. Thankfully, it hasn’t been hard to stay away from McDonald’s; I just have to think about how terrible I feel after I eat it. This month, though, I tried to go a step further and control my snacking. I have a quick metabolism, which means that I’m pretty much always hungry. This month, instead of going for the chocolate or Oreos, I’ve tried to monitor my intake. I’ve been eating carrots and peanut butter, apples and peanut butter, peanut butter sandwiches (ok, so peanut butter is another major food group of mine…), popcorn with sea salt, and pita chips with cheese. This all may sound indulgent, but really, it’s many steps in the right direction from where I’m coming from.

I’ve also been eating 5 times a day, because they tell you to do that for your metabolism, plus I’m just that hungry all of the time.

Exercising is the second facet in this New Year’s resolution. Throughout my childhood, I was a dancer. Hardcore. Some years, it was four to five days a week. Hello, exercise that’s FUN.

Adult exercising is not nearly as fun… Aerobics? Strength and tone? Weights? No fun in that. Mostly, any exercise that makes me think about the fact that I’m exercising is not fun for me.

So, I’ve had to figure out what DOES work for me.

*Disclaimer: I am NOT a doctor, a professional trainer, or any type of exercise guru. This is what works for ME, which may not be the same thing as what works for you!*

I am lucky enough to go to a school that offers REALLY AWESOME free classes through the Rec Center. I’ve found that making my schedule a week ahead of time keeps me going. (Not more than one week in advance though. Can’t put too much pressure on myself…) This is what my planner looks like for this week… (I loooove my May Designs planner!)

Once I actually get to the classes, my struggle is making the most of my workout. The biggest fact I’ve learned this month is that exercising is a mind game. It’s not physical at all! It’s purely about convincing my mind that I can do this. I can overcome and push past my “limits”. When I give in to my mind, I’m not sore the next day, nor am I satisfied with my workout. It’s only when I push further than my mind thinks I can go that I feel results.

Also, working out is NOT PRETTY. Sweaty. Red face. Those yoga pants? Yea, they are cute, but they also help me kick BOSU ball butt. That’s why I get to the front of the class for every class I take. If I’m in the back and looking at everyone else in the class, I can only think about what I look like, how dumb I look, and if I’m half as sweaty as these girls. If I’m in the front, I can’t see anyone but the instructor, and I can stay focused on what I’m supposed to be doing.

All in all, I’m pretty proud of my progress and how well I’ve stuck to my New Year’s Resolution. I’ve put together a Pinterest board to keep track of some great motivational quotes, healthy eating tips, and exercise ideas for you all to enjoy. You won’t find those “30 Seconds to a Big Booty” pins on this board! (Because, let’s get real, how often are we going to do those exercises on our own? Or maybe it’s just me?) Check it out, follow the board, and Pursue a Healthy Lifestyle!

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