January Wrap-Up

It’s the end of January and we are 1/12 through 2014! What a January it has been… Lots of crazy weather here in Southern Louisiana, including THREE snow days! Crazy! I’m so looking forward to spring and the warmth that it brings (even if I will miss these lazy days with my kittens!). 

January in One Word: Winter!

My Favorite Memories in January 2014:

  • New Year’s Eve. It counts as January, right?
  • EY Pre-Busy Season Party… Fancy dresses, live band, and open bar make for a good time
  • Painting at Pinot’s Palette. I think I did a pretty good job. Probably because I had a super awesome teacher, right Abby?
  • Trekking back and forth to New Iberia over and over and over to see my favorite boy
  • Making friends in gym classes
  • Book club at Pour and that yummy drink with wonderful conversation
  • Cymi Lynn’s 2nd birthday party
  • Many lazy snow days with the kittens!

Books I Read this Month:
Ok, so I didn’t have a lot of success at the beginning of the month with starting and finishing novels…. But these are some that I actually completed:

  • The Impossible Knife of Memory by Laurie Halse Anderson (Review)
  • The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory
  • The Kite Runner by Kahled Hosseini (sorta) (Review)
  • Attachments by Rainbow Rowell (Review)
  • The Fault in Our Stars by John Green (again…)

Favorite Posts from the Month:

  • I do.” – This article is written by a woman about her husband. It’s beautiful and sensitive and a response to the article of “23 Reasons to Not Get Married at 23”. (Which I won’t bother linking.)
  •  “What I Be” Project – This was posted on Bored Panda and is a beautiful and touching display of Steve Rosenfield’s photo collection in which people are photographed with their greatest insecurities written on them.
  • Barnes and Noble published a blog post where Laurie Halse Anderson (author of The Impossible Knife of Memory) talks about her creative writing process and the fact that her husband built her a writing cottage. I now want a writing cottage.

Songs that were Popular on my iPod: 
This winter weather has me listening to some very chill music!

New Obsessions:

  • My planner by May Designs. It’s super cute, compact, and actually keeps me on task… which isn’t easy, especially since I have never actually succeeded with using a planner, ever.
  • Zumba, Bosu Balls, and exercising that’s actually fun! Even if I have been snowed in all week, I’m looking forward to the Rec Center opening back up at school so I can get my groove on.
  • Carrots. I’ve eaten approximately 6 pounds of carrots this month. 

3 Things I’m Sad to See Go with January:

  • Jeromy’s New Iberia client. I’ve become spoiled to having him close to me for the month of January!
  • Snow days! At least, I’m hoping we don’t miss days and days of school in February, or I’ll become one very (well-read) lazy individual.
  • Lazy work days… I know school is about to get hectic, and I’m not looking forward to spending all of my free time doing school work.

3 Things I’m Looking Forward to in February:

  • Valentine’s Day!
  • The arrival of Baby Friday Broussard and finally finding out if I’ll be buying dresses or jumpers for my new little niece/nephew!
  • My haircut next Friday… February is going to be a slow month, folks.

Favorite Quote from a Book I Read this Month:

“I swallowed the fear. It’s always there– fear– and if you don’t stay on top of it, you’ll drown. I swallowed again and stood tall, shoulders broad, arms loose. I was balanced, ready to move. My body said, “Yeah, you’re bigger and stronger, but if you touch this, I will hurt you.”
― Laurie Halse Anderson, The Impossible Knife of Memory

2 thoughts on “January Wrap-Up

  1. I'm feeling you about this winter! I can't wait for Spring. I can't believe it snowed or sleeted down here, guess we'll have a crazy hurricane season now. 😦

    Just wanted to comment and say hi…and I didn't realize you could embed the spotify players in the blog post like that. Learn something new every day. I really like that Bastille song too.


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