I’ll say it again.


I know, I know! It’s been two weeks since I’ve blogged on here. That’s crazy. These last two weeks have been ridiculous. Mardi Gras, head cold, midterms, teachers wanting me to do EVERYTHING, oh, and starting a new job…. Well it’s all added up to hectic days and sleepless nights and not a lot of brain space to think about anything but school and cats.

Yep. I did mention a new job.

In an effort to keep pursuing my New Years Resolutions, I’ve been really thinking about careers. As in, I am not allowing myself to go ADD and distract myself with cat gifs whenever I start thinking about The Future. The Future is starting THIS YEAR. I’m graduating in 9 months. It’s time I stop playing around and start getting down to business with my plans.

The problem is, I’ve never actually had to look for a job before. Nearly every job that I have had graciously landed in my lap through friends, family, or a well-placed email. So the idea of making a concentrated effort of going on job posting sites (*shiver*) and submitting my resume to a bunch of big companies kind of terrifies me.

Luckily, along came a well-placed email right when I was starting to dread The Future, and right when my bank account was starting to cry. I received an email from the MBA office at UL, saying that there was a new furniture company in town called The Mix Furniture & Finds that was looking for a Social Media and Blogging Specialist. Check and check. It’s part-time, which means I can keep my GA position, and I work from home (or Johnston Street Java) (or Barnes and Noble) (or my bed). So I checked it out, and y’all, this company is CUTE. They hand-pick furniture and decor from small or local vendors, then sell these pieces on their website. And this website is all about mixing things up. It aims to teach people how to create unique and chic looks in their homes by mixing styles, colors, and patterns.

Basically, I get paid to Pinterest and blog, which is pretty much all I was doing in my free time anyway… I just get paid for it now. Plus the experience is awesome. I’m learning so many things about advertising on social media and creating value for customers. Even though I’m just getting started, I am enjoying it a lot.

You can check out the blog, Living in Motion. I update it every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with tips and tricks for home decor.

(But Emily, you know nothing about home decor!)

I’m learning! And I love it!

Pursuing knowledge. Pursing career opportunities. I’d say I’m staying on track with my New Years Resolutions!

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