In Lieu of my Own Writing…

I’ve been in a blogging rut, so to speak. It’s not that I don’t have time, because as an unemployed MBA student going to school half-time, time is pretty much all I have abundance of (money, on the other hand… ha.)

However, I have been finding SO MANY articles that I want to share with the world. Articles about hard topics, controversial topics, topics I don’t necessarily want to post all over Facebook, but feel like the world needs to hear. So… Without further ado.

Pretty much describing how I feel about my “goals” and “dreams” (in quotations, because they are “hazily articulated”)

Emma Sulkowicz is proving that, as a victim of sexual assault, if they won’t take you seriously, find ways to make them listen.

A very long and in-depth look at one of Mississippi’s only abortion clinics, and how the state is trying to shut it down

Pictures and commentary of women listening to men. (Hint: They are all bored.)

On moving in together.

What goes through every woman’s head when she gets catcalled.

Harry Potter Snapchats, because, of course.

When we wake up some mornings and realized that we wish we were a bit better.

Have a wonderful Friday.

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