On Lena Dunham and Rebecca

Over the past few months, I have discovered more and more blogs that I’ve fallen in love with. Funny enough, most of these aren’t book blogs, but rather, personal blogs. Sure, they all have some type of theme, like fashion or crafting, but the essence of the blog is personality. The authors aren’t afraid to show some of their life to the world, and I’ve enjoyed getting to follow fashion (or fitness, or crafts, or food) with a dose of life on the side.

My most recent find is Johanna Goddard at A Cup of Jo. She posts everything from fashion, to food, to home decor, to mommyhood. This week, she had an interview with Lena Dunham (!!!!), which, my god, I need to figure out a way to make this blog so amazing that Lena Dunham will let me interview her. 
Lena Dunham, for those living under a rock, is the creator, writer, and star of the HBO show Girlsa new author, and an all around confident and super smart human being. She’s also an avid reader.
In the interview that Johanna Goddard conducted with Lena, she asked this amazing question:

Which books do you love? Are there books that have been meaningful at times in your life?
I have that feeling when I talk about books where I get paralyzed by all the books I love. My first and favorite book is Eloise, the story of a girl who lives with her nanny, dog and turtle at the Plaza. I’m working on a documentary about the writing of Eloise, and I’ve gotten all these amazing women to talk about how Eloise and how she’s affected their lives. As a kid I was obviously obsessed with Judy Blume, as we all were. Are You There, God? It’s Me, MargaretBlubberDeenie was the first time I’d heard masturbation talked about not in hateful whispers. I stole Lolita from my glamorous cool babysitter Libby in fourth grade. I didn’t really understand it at the time, but I’ve reread it several times; it’s a real favorite of mine. I’m totally obsessed with anything that involves tough women facing down a hard time, be it Little Women or A Little Princess. My favorite mystery page turner is Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. I love the book Love Poems by Nikki Giovanni, the only person I ever wrote a fan letter to. It’s beautiful, you would love it—it’s all about being a daughter, a mother, a wife, all those versions of yourself.

Um. Eloise. Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret. Little Women. REBECCA!

Rebecca was the first “grown up” book I got to read from my mom’s bookshelf, so it holds a special place in my heart. (Plus, its a genuinely good book, and on my recommendations list.)

I’ll admit, this was just an opportunity for me to gush about Johanna Goddard’s blog, the awesomeness of Lena Dunham, and Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. Go check out all of the above, because these are some smart women out there who deserve some love.

4 thoughts on “On Lena Dunham and Rebecca

  1. I love to read, but have a stack of books (on my kindle too) that I'm having finding time to get too. Ugh.
    I know I just need to curl up on my front porch and dive in..
    Great post.
    Stopping by via the Southern Girl FB page!


  2. I am itching to run to the book store and grab Lena Dunham's new book! I can only imagine its going to be all sorts of amazing too! (And I LOVE Rebecca!)

    Trendy in Texas Blog


  3. It is taking all of my willpower to keep from buying that book right now! So glad to see another Rebecca lover (a long-lost classic, in my opinion!) Thanks for stopping by!


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