Currently Crushing On: Poppy and Fern

Hey all! What a weekend. Had a great time with some of my favorite girls Saturday night, celebrating a friend’s marriage, followed by a Sunday full of cooking, cleaning, and schoolwork (always.. unending…).

I just realized that Christmas season is coming up. I know, I know! It’s still a month and a half away. But if you’re thinking of ordering presents online, particularly through Etsy, you want to get your orders in early, so you can make sure your presents come in on time.

Today, for my Currently Crushing On, I wanted to share with y’all this awesome Etsy shop I’ve recently started following on Instagram.

Poppy and Fern is run by a woman out of Austin who learned to embroider from her grandmothers. While teaching Pre-K, she discovered a vintage frame that she decided to fill with an embroidered anchor. From there, her business blossomed, and just six months later, she put in her two weeks notice as a teacher and began running her Etsy shop full time.

Since I started following her on Instagram, I’ve become obsessed with her small designs. She caught my eye with her hot air balloons. I’ve recently become pretty obsessed with hot air balloons, since Jeromy’s fantastic proposal and our trip to Colorado. Plus, Poppy and Fern’s hot air balloons are just adorable.

Also, her tiny flower bouquets are to die for. I mean, right? The variety and colors are endless, and her bouquets are so detailed. Plus, her little animals are adorable, and most of her custom orders are of people’s pets, which, duh. I think my little pup would make an adorable necklace.

So, of course, I completely digging these, and I’m fairly certain that one or more of my favorite people will be receiving little charms in their Christmas stockings.
For Poppy and Fern’s Etsy shop, click here.
To follow Poppy and Fern on Instagram, click here.
To find Poppy and Fern on Facebook, click here.
To learn more about Poppy and Fern, check out their feature on Etsy, which has great information about the shop, as well as some great pictures and insights behind the process. If you love Poppy and Fern, place an order soon. Christmas orders are book fast!
Have a great Monday!
(All images via Etsy)

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