Book Challenge Update

So some of you may have noticed the new tab at the top of my homepage that says Reading Challenges. Yep. That is plural.

2015 Reading Challenge

Last October, I wrote a post about a new reading challenge I was taking on. Sadly, because I haven’t been keeping myself accountable with it, I’ve fallen behind. Way behind. On the other hand, I managed to farrrrr surpass my reading goal on Goodreads last year with 49 books read (my goal was 36!).

So, instead of being all willy-nilly about these reading challenges (and because I’m a glutton for punishment and taking on wayyy too many things at once), I decided to create a new tab on my page for you to see how I’m doing on my reading challenges for the year. Truthfully, I hope it will remind me what I signed up for and keep me on track.

Goodreads Challenge

Hosted by: Goodreads
Challenge Runs January 1- December 31
Last year, I set a goal to read 36 books in 2014, which equals out to 3 books a month. For some months, I ran pretty dry and only read one. Some months, like October, I read as many as 8 books! This definitely put me over the line and left me reading 49 books in 2014. (I tried to finish a book by midnight New Year’s Eve to make it an even 50, but sleep sounded so much better.)
This year, I’m setting my goal to 48 books read — 4 books a month. I’m thinking that I can easily accomplish that, especially now that I’m done with school and have nothing but free time (HA!).

Winter Book Challenge

Challenge Runs November 1 – February 28
I outlined the requirements and my expectations on this challenge back in October. Sadly, I’ve fallen pretty behind on this challenge, with only five books that meet the criteria of the challenge. I do love the concept of this challenge though, and I want to see it through to the end of February! I hope to do better when the spring one comes around, though.

Alphabet Soup Challenge

Challenge Runs January 1 – December 31
This challenge only requires that you read 26 books, with each title starting with a different letter of the alphabet. (They make exceptions for the hard ones like x and z.) Typically, I like to take on challenges that will push me to read outside my comfort zone. However, when I saw this challenge, I thought it was kinda adorable, and I could probably accomplish it without too much struggles, since most of the books I read will fit into one letter or another. And frankly, I wanted a challenge I knew I could accomplish, so I signed myself up for this one!
You can check out the books I’ve read so far this year and see how they fit in my challenges here. What do you think? Are you taking any reading challenges this year?

5 thoughts on “Book Challenge Update

  1. I love that you're doing so many challenges! My Goodreads goal is 60, but I listen to a lot of audiobooks on my commute to and from work (forget music; I listen to books), which is why I set my goal so high. I may try the A-Z challenge too! That sounds fun!


  2. That's a great goal! 😀 Best of luck to you! :]

    I'm setting a really low book goal because the majority of the stuff I read these days are for school, in the form of journal articles, textbooks and copious amounts of notes. :[ I'll sneak in some fiction here and there to save my sanity! 😀


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