Book Review: The Rosie Project

“I asked you here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”
― Graeme Simsion, The Rosie Project
Book Review: The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion
Book Title: The Rosie Project
Author: Graeme Simsion
Publication Date: 2013
Genres: Adult Fiction, Realistic Fiction, Humor
Goodreads Rating: 4.01 Stars
My Rating4 Stars

Don Tillman, professor of genetics, has never been on a second date. He is a man who can count all his friends on the fingers of one hand, whose lifelong difficulty with social rituals has convinced him that he is simply not wired for romance. So when an acquaintance informs him that he would make a “wonderful” husband, his first reaction is shock. Yet he must concede to the statistical probability that there is someone for everyone, and he embarks upon The Wife Project. In the orderly, evidence-based manner with which he approaches all things, Don sets out to find the perfect partner. She will be punctual and logical—most definitely not a barmaid, a smoker, a drinker, or a late-arriver.

Yet Rosie Jarman is all these things. She is also beguiling, fiery, intelligent—and on a quest of her own. She is looking for her biological father, a search that a certain DNA expert might be able to help her with. Don’s Wife Project takes a back burner to the Father Project and an unlikely relationship blooms, forcing the scientifically minded geneticist to confront the spontaneous whirlwind that is Rosie—and the realization that love is not always what looks good on paper.

1. Big Bang theory in a Book. I really felt like I was reading the diary of Sheldon Cooper when he met Amy Farrah-Fowler. The main character, Don, is definitely on the autism spectrum, but he is also a genius. He has a few friends who are less weird than he is, and he struggles in social situations (hence, the Wife Project). Let me just add that I LOVE the Big Bang Theory, and these characters were really fun and interesting.

2. There is ZERO unpredictability. The book starts when Don is setting up The Wife Project to find a wife in the most scientific way possible. Of course, Rosie butts into his life and turns it upside down. Sound likes every Rom-Com I’ve ever seen. However, there were some parts that had me literally laughing out loud, and I actually really enjoyed the predictability of it all.

3. I’m a nerd. Ok, so I really liked learning more about genetics, genetic testing, and all of the nerdy things that Don and Rosie run into. Plus, there was so many puns and intelligent jokes. The wit and sarcasm and puns just kept me laughing and enjoying the book!

(EDIT: Adding after reread) 4. Pretty sweet message though. What I really liked about this book, upon rereading it, was the growth that Don experienced. He realized some key things about himself, and I think, even if he didn’t end up with Rosie or ended up losing his job or alienating his friends or whatever… he still would have come out of this book with some serious realizations about who he was and how he interacted with the world, and I think that’s really the whole point of the book. It was much more focused on Don than it was on his relationship with everyone around him. I liked this book even more on the reread!

This novel was quirky and hilarious, despite the predictability, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a light read.

“But why, why, why can’t people just say what they mean?”

“Research consistently shows that the risks to health outweigh the benefits of drinking alcohol. My argument is that the benefits to my mental health justify the risks.”

“I met Rosie at the airport. She remained uncomfortable about me purchasing her ticket, so I told her she could pay me back by selecting some Wife Project applicants for me to date.
‘Fuck you,’ she said.
It seemed we were friends again.”

“But I’m not good at understanding what other people want.’
‘Tell me something I don’t know,’ said Rosie for no obvious reason.
I quickly searched my mind for an interesting fact.
‘Ahhh…The testicles of drone bees and wasp spiders explode during sex.”

“I haven’t changed my mind. That’s the point! I want to spend my life with you even though it’s totally irrational. And you have short earlobes. Socially and genetically there’s no reason for me to be attracted to you. The only logical conclusion is that I must be in love with you.”

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  1. This sounds like a book I would love. The quote you posted at the beginning is one of my favorite love quotes. If you feel like it, this would be a perfect post to link to Quote Me Thursday!


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