Books Turned Movies in 2015

Monday at Book Club, we stumbled upon the subject of books turned movie. It was the general concsensus that, for the first time that we’ve ever fathomed, we found a movie that was better than the book. The Maze Runner. That got me thinking about how AWESOME 2014 was for Books-Turned-Movies, with The Fault in Our Stars, The Giver, If I Stay, Gone Girl, etc.

Then I started researching books that are becoming movies in 2015, which… wow. Not as big of a cast as 2014, but definitely some eye-catchers.

50 Shades of Grey (February 12) This one is an obvious choice… I’m pretty sure everyone and their moms (although not at the same time, because that would be awkward as shit) are going to see this movie.

Insurgent (March 20) Sequel to the badass Divergent and a definite midnight showing for me. Still boycotting the last movie though.

Paper Towns (June 5) Squee. Another John Green adaptation! Although this was not one of my favorites by him, I’m still excited to see how it plays out.

Me Before You (August 21) I absolutely cannot wait to see this love story play out on the big screen. Not that they have any information about it. At all. Not even an announced cast.

Victor Frankenstein (October 2) Daniel. Radcliffe. I’ll stop there.

Mockingjay Part II (November 20) Well… I’ve made it this far in the series, and Part I had me amped up for the conclusion.

Dark Places (2015… Sometime) After seeing how Gone Girl played out on the big screen, I’m anxious to see this adaptation. Chloe Grace Morentz (from If I Stay) is in it too!

The Light Between Oceans (2015… Sometime) This is a novel that is just begging to be turned into a artsy movie, and I’m pretty excited to see it happen.

Room (2015… Sometime) Squeeeeeeee. One of my favorite reads in 2014, and this movie will be INTENSE. So pumped for it!

Of course, this is only a small sampling of book-to-movie adaptations going on 2015. What did I miss? Any books I NEED to grab before they hit the big screen?

18 thoughts on “Books Turned Movies in 2015

  1. So many good ones! I need to read so many of these books. I liked Dark Places A LOT, and I'm really intrigued to see how the movie is going to turn out. They filmed in Shreveport, but sadly, I didn't accidentally run into any of the stars.


  2. I didn't know Me Before You or Dark Places were going to be made into a movie….that makes me SO happy!! Still Alice is one I want to see too (I didn't realize until I googled it just now that it's out right now!!)…that book was amazing!! But..I do disagree with you on The Maze Runner…loved the book, HATED the movie!! lol 🙂


  3. They're making The DUFF by Kody Keplinger into a movie. I wasn't fond of the book, so hopefully they make big changes for the movie. I'm excited for Paper Towns… I wish they would've made Looking for Alaska into a movie instead though. Also MOCKINGJAY part 2!!!!


  4. wow I need to read some of these books! Excited to hear Daniel Radcliffe is doing Frankenstein! Super excited for Mockingjay – meh about 50 shades and also Insurgent – Divergent was just a horrible adaptation as I really enjoyed the books!

    stop by and chat ♥


  5. OMGGGGGGGGG ROOM!? I wonder when it will actually come out, it says still in post production. I loved that book. And Fifty Shades… ha I tried reading it, but was blushing when reading it(I worked at a daycare at the time and would read when the kids napped lol).


  6. I've never read any of John Greens books but I am in love with the movies. I can't wait to see Insurgent and Mockingjay. Some of the books you've mentioned I've never read but seem very interesting.


  7. I had lots of students who read DUFF and loved it.. I haven't picked it up yet. Looking for Alaska NEEDS to be a movie, but the rights are owned by another studio who won't give John Green as much input in the movie, so I'd almost rather it not be a movie than be a movie that he doesn't have a hand in.


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