Top Ten Tuesday: Historical Fiction Novels I Need to Read

I love historical fiction. I blame it on my mom being a history teacher. There’s just something so fascinating about a good fiction story being thrown into the middle of the past, and the more facts, the better. 

As much as I love historical fiction, there are a few famous historical fiction novels I haven’t read yet, so when I saw this week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic (hosted by The Broke and The Bookish, per usual), I jumped at the chance to tell y’all about some historical fiction novels I’ve just been meaning to get to. As you can tell, I’m not picky about the time period or location of my history… I blame it on wanting to learn about different places and time periods, and fiction is much more fun than history books (even if it is slightly less accurate).

Are there any historical fiction novels I need to add to this list?!

13 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Historical Fiction Novels I Need to Read

  1. MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA is very good. Loved THE RED TENT. Also read the whole NORTH AND SOUTH trilogy so many years ago. Wow. Takes me back.


  2. Historical fiction has never been my favorite, but I think it's because I haven't really read any historical fiction books! I'll have to check these out to see if I can change my ways.


  3. Thank you! I lovedddd Secret Life of Bees, so I'm looking forward to Invention of Wings. And I've heard that about The Round House.. I might wait until summer when I have more time to really process it.


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