Top Ten Tuesday: Character Romances

It’s Valentine’s week! I have a date booked for Saturday (and it’s been booked for weeks), which means that miracles do happen. In the spirit of the day of love, I’ll be getting mushy on the blog this week!

Looking at my Goodreads, I realized that, um, I don’t read a lot of romances. Books that I usually pick up involve mystery, friendship, family life, or internal struggle, with a bit of romance on the side. However, I was able to find 10 couples that had interesting relationships. While not all of them are the most healthy relationships in the beginning, the characters intrigued me, and I loved watching their relationships develop.

What are your favorite character romances?

10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Character Romances

  1. Wow. All these quotes gave me the chills. And now I need to add all of these books to my reading list. Oh geez. (I, too, LOVED the romance in Me Before You. Holy lord, was that the best book.)


  2. Love these quotes! I really need to reread Me Before You, I loved it. And I absolutely need to get around to Rebecca one of these days… it's been on my TBR forever and a day!


  3. It's on my ReRead list too! I feel like I throw Rebecca into every Top Ten list I make, but it's a novel that I read when I was young that really changed the way I looked at literature. Still one of my favorite classics!


  4. The only one of these I've read is The Fault in Our Stars, and I'm afraid I really didn't like it. I just didn't feel much chemistry between Hazel and Gus. Sacrilege, I know.

    When I think about my favourite romances, I tend to think of older classics: Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility


  5. I love all the quotes you chose and now I want to read all of these because I want to know who said such beautiful things and how these characters fell in love! The Fault in Our Stars has one of my favourite romances because of the strength of the characters and the unique ways they see the world:) I really want to read The Rosie Project- who doesn't love the irrationality of love (and characters who try to make it rational)?;)
    Lovely post!
    Maya @


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