I Joined a Club

For my birthday, my mom wanted to get me a new purse. Don’t get me wrong; I like purses. I’m just not big on spending a ton of money on a really nice purse that I will get tired of in a month and/or will end up ripping to shreds because I don’t treat it like the hundreds-dollar purse it is.

Nice sentiment, mom, but if you’re going to spend some money on me, I’d rather it in book form.

So I did some research, and I ran across the Book of the Month Club! It’s a subscription service that delivers a book to your door every month. That’s it. No fuss, no gimmicks, no spending $50 a month to get a billion bookmarks and merchandise I’ll throw away anyway.

I’ve fallen into an awful reading slump the last couple of months… I blame that mostly on Jeromy being done with tax season, the sun being up until 8:30, and a what-feels-never-ending list of house improvements for us to work on before the summer gets too hot. So, although my first book came in April, I’m just getting around to opening the box and digging in to my first book choice!

I’ll save my thoughts on it for a review later, but I was so excited to open this package and see a mini-coloring book, a few color pencils, and a note from the BOTM judge who chose this book for April. It was a small treat to get in a $10 package! I’m looking forward to my year of Book of the Month, and I hope I’m filling my shelves with some must-reads!
The link to the Book of the Month website is a referral link, meaning I get a small credit on my account for anyone who subscribes using that link!

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