Book Club Heals the Soul

“Honestly, one of the things that keeps me up at night is the fact that I will never read every book in existence.”

“Same! I don’t think I’ll even get to read every book on my To Read list, and it haunts me.”

“Well, you could read every book in existence, but every Tuesday, more would come out and you would have to read that much more.”

“GUYS. I just realized that after we die, more books will come out that we will never even know about.”

Morale of the Story: Find your people. The ones with the same fears as you, the ones who cheer you on through any life event, the ones that you can pick up with after a month of not speaking and they will feel anger with you, sadness with you, and laughter with you. Then hold them close and don’t let them go, even if they haven’t read the book for that month.

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